the Vedic view of politics

... the following is what Prabhupada, says
in his interpretation of the Srimad Bhagavatam,
about the elections and government

According to Vedic civilization, in a
monarchy the king is advised hy saintly
persons and sages. By taking their advice,
he can become the great executive power, and
everyone in his kingdom will be happy,
peaceful and prosperous. The great kings
were very responsible in taking the instructions
given by great saintly personalities.
The kings used to accept the instructions
given by great sages like Parasara,
Vyasadeva, Narada, Devala, Asita, etc. In
other words, they would first accept the
authority of saintly persons and then
execute their monarchical power.
Unfortunately, in the present age of Kali,
the head of government does not follow the
instructions given by the saintly persons;
therefore neither the citizens nor the men
of government are very happy. Their duration
of life is shortened, and almost everyone is
wretched and bereft of bodily strength and
spiritual power. If citizens want to be
happy and prosperous in this democratic age,
they should not elect rascals and fools who
have no respect for saintly persons.

Those who live according to religious
principles and who follow them by words,
mind, body and intelligence, are elevated to
the heavenly kingdom, which is devoid of all
miseries. Being thus rid of the material
influence, they achieve unlimited happiness
in life.

The saintly sages herein instruct that the
king or head of government should set an
example by living a religious life. As
stated in Bhagavad-gita, religion means
worshiping the Supreme Personality of
Godhead. One should not simply make a show
of religious life, but one should perform
devotional service perfectly with words,
mind, body and good intelligence. By doing
so, not only will the king or government
head rid himself of the contamination of the
material modes of nature, but the general
public will also, and they will all become
gradually elevated to the kingdom of God and
go back home, back to Godhead. The
instructions given herein serve as a summary
of how the head of government should execute
his ruling power and thus attain happiness
not only in this life but also in the life
after death.

The sages continued: 0 great hero, for this
reason you should not be the cause of
spoiling the spiritual life of the general
populace. If their spiritual life is spoiled
because of your activities, you will
certainly fall down from your opulent and
royal position.

Formerly, in practically all parts of the
world, there were monarchies, but gradually
as monarchy declined from the ideal life of
religion to the godless life of sense
gratification, monarchies all over the world
were abolished. However, simply abolishing
monarchy and replacing it with democracy is
not sufficient unless the government men are
religious and follow the footsteps of great
religious personalities.

... in other words, people are not happy
unless they are doing the will of God,
and just promising and giving people more
money and materialism just leads to mental depression

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