the great debate

... once you attain Krishna Consciousness,
or get a glimmering of it, you realize that
politics is not something to pursue

... I have not seen the presidential debate
last night, but I have a few comments
on the state of freedom in our so-called democracy

... first, I was watching an old movie called
"Swing Vote" in which Kevin Costener
somehow gets into a position to single-handedly
determine the next president

... in the movie, there was a scene, where his
10 year old daughter writes an essay about freedom,
which went something like this:
ending bondage brings freedom,
freedom brings success,
success brings complacency,
and complacency results in indolence,
which in turn results in dependency
and a return to bondage

... a never ending cycle

... the Srimad Bhagavatam, which pre-dates the
Bible, the Tora, the Koran, and almost all other
religious texts, has this to say

... first, democracy dosn't really work, although
it is good in principle. Why? Because when there is
1 king, that king may be corrupt; but in a democracy,
many are corrupt.

... from the Srimad Bhagavatam:
Of course, whether the system is monarchy or
democracy, the same corruption is still going on.
At the present moment there are different parties in
the democratic government, but everyone is busy trying
to keep their posts or trying to keep their political party
in power. They have very little time to think of the welfare
of the citizens, whom they oppress with heavy taxes in the
form of income tax, sales tax and many other taxes-people
sometimes have eighty to ninety percent of their
income taken away, and these taxes are lavishly
spent for the high salaries drawn by the officers
and rulers.

It was already known that (King)Vena was very severe
and cruel; therefore as soon as all the thieves and rogues
in the state heard of his ascendance to the royal throne,
they became very much afraid of him. Indeed, they hid
themselves here and there as rats hide themselves from snakes.

When the government is very weak, rogues and thieves
flourish. Similarly , when the government is very strong,
all the thieves and rogues disappear or hide themselves.
Of course Vena was not a very good king, but he was known to be cruel and severe. Thus the state at least became freed from thieves and rogues.

... even the Bible says that you shall earn your bread
by the sweat of your brow. We have chosen to ignore this
truth, and the current administration further denigrates
this truth by handing out too many disabilities and welfare,
which in turn, promotes indolence and dependence,
returning us to slavery to the state

... We need a leader who will make us free of the thieves
and rogues, and promote truly earned freedom

... people must learn that the sweat of their own brow is the
way to true freedom

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If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna