mind wandering again

... I have fought all my life, to get to a state
of mind, where my mind can wandering freely,
and take me anywhere I want

... thinking as a way of travel, maybe to parallel
universes and back

... I guess that is the True Holy Grail, what
we all secretly seek, as a soul, to be be able
to travel, just by thinking it, and have instant
transport to anywhere on earth or the heavens

... there actually is a character from the
Srimad Bhagavatam, who became so good and
sympatico with Krishna that he was awarded
the state of being where he could instantly
travel to anywhere he wanted, just by
thinking the thought. He does the pure
Will of Vishnu and Krishna, and is often
seen with a stringed musical instrument

... I was thinking about a women, a tall
blond woman, in the Virgin Islands, who
one day wrapped her arms around me, put
her face up to mine, and said,
"I'm receptive now, what do you want to do?"

... The first 30 or so of my writings, were
actually written for her, and I gave her
one each day ,,, she was a muse for me,
I was fascinated with her

... I told her, " I think we should forget this",

... at the same time as being a Muse for me,
I saw her as an incarnation of a prototype
aryan looking type, that I just want to
make babies with ... instant attraction

... tall, long-legged, atheletic, beautiful,
strong ... a real girl from Lake Woebegon
... a real Mohini

... as a matter of fact, she said her dad
in Minnesota, at the head waters of the
Mississippi, had actually hand-built her
a birch bark canoe

... I imagined floating down the Mississippi
with her, in that canoe, and escaping to Belize

... but her incarnated avatar was frought with bad memories
for me, as the previous avatar of her
in my life, killed herself in a van, and she
herself accidently killed some little girl,
by hitting her with a van which she was driving,
and worse, the little dead girl's father witnesses the
whole thing, and just stares at her, in dis-belief

... the last time I saw her, she was frought with
guilt, almost suicidal

... these 2 looked so alike, I couldn't shake
the comparison, and I let her go, and I said
"I think we should forget this"

... little did she know, what I saw in my
mind ... I hope all went well with her in her

... she would not like where I am at now, unless
she was a Buddhist nun, and she wasn't, she was
a Cinnamon Beach girl, destined for a fine, rich
husband ... and that would never be me

... it is strange, how avatars of certain souls
seem to follow you thru life

... most women do not not want to leave the earth,
so it never would have worked out, and I saved
her alot of mental turmoil by letting her go

... but remember, thinking is the best way to travel

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna