harvest moon

... I always have been haunted by the
moon cycle, and the noted effect it has
on people's psychology

... people really do miss the true
excitement of the Harvest Moon

... when all the food is harvested,
and the hard work of the year is done

... the nuts are all squirreled away

... it is also still warm enough for
it to be pleasant outside, so you
can get drunk on apple cider and
hang out in the hayfields with
sweet Melissa

... and watch the Harvest Moon

... but that dream will likely get
you reincarnated again

... Sweet Mellisa is an illusion, to
get you to have babies, and be saddled
with debt for the rest of your lives

... then the alimony and child support
demands start to come

... and payments on a house which you
can't live in

... then you contemplate suicide, and hope
that maybe God will forgive you for just
checking out early

... it's a darn hard life on earth without

... so on this Harvest Moon, lets be glad
for the harvest this civilization has
provided, because life is a bitch without it

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna