young suicide

... in my life, I've had reports of
young people trying to commit suicide

... some succeeding, some not

... you wonder why do people want to
commit suicide when they are young?

... it seems that the stresses and poverty
of the modern world, have become so hard to
face, for innocent souls, especially the young,
that without the belief in a God to fall
back on, the future only holds desperation
for the vast majority of people

... the curse of Malthus, over-population,
is biting the world on the ass, and we make
believe the causes lay elsewhere

... there are just too many people for the
world to support at the level of energy usage
to which most everyone aspires

... the people in dirt poor countries, traveling
on foot and donkeys, still look with envy,
at the modern jet-set world out there

... they still foolishly desire it

... instead, they should fear it, as it's a
beast that eats it's own young ... another
Malthusian symptom

... I heard a report that a large percentage
of young women and children in impoverished
zones, trade sexual services for food and

... in any event, young suicides are a bad
symptom of where our society is heading

... the young don't want to live in the
world of the future, or the present is so bad,
that they would rather die and take their
chances with God's judgement

... you have to admit, it's a ballsy move
to commit suicide

... I did see in a few movies where military
snipers are trained to commit suicide if
captured, because of the torture the enemy
would inflict on them ... soldiers hate snipers

... now I see that form of Hari-Kari acceptable,
and honorable ... sometimes the hero must fall on
his own sword

... one poor girl, from an impoverished
family of 6, attempted to kill herself, so that
the other siblings would be able to have more of
the limited food ... another Malthusian victim

... God says you won't die unless it is His will

... so, if you are an innocent, don't worry,
live your life, because you are going to die anyways,
sooner or later.
... so why rush it? Have another bowl of ice cream :-)

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna