someone to watch over me

... I realize that my mind is way out there,
and I pursue the perfect world, all the while
living in an obviously flawed one

... I bitch often about the way the elite
used the 9/11 fiasco to ram the surveillance
state down the gullet of America, but when
I think about it, that surveillance state is
what I wanted

... I feel a bit guilty that I got what I wanted
because of 9/11.

... I suppose what I object to is the lies and
deceit which were, and currently are, being used
to establish it; but on earth, that is just the way it is

... somethings will never change

... I doubt if the leaders approached the public
claiming that they needed to watch everyone, that it would
be met with any joy

... what haunts me, is something Dick Cheney said
at the height of the 9/11-Afgan-Iraq fiascos. He
said, if I recall correctly:
"someday the American public will thank us for it",

... I don't know if I'm thankful for the foreign
wars, but I am grateful that people are being
watched more closely here at home

... I'm for cameras everywhere and snooping on
communications. Why? Because people are becoming
increasingly crazy and the weapons and tools available
to them, have become very dangerous

... with the current technology available to the average
person, anyone could become a mass killer with little effort

... all they need to do is freak out on prescription pills

... personally, I fear rampant gangsterism, in which
people of low moral value, join together, to collectively
harrass and attack others who are not protected by
a gang of their own

... God is watching us constantly anyways, so what is it
that makes people uncomfortable being watched?

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna