the purpose of human life

... any intelligent human has ask
what is the purpose of life?

... the ultimate purpose is to attain
liberation from the material world

... only humans get this chance, and it only
comes around once in a great number of lifetimes

... to reincarnate is to fail, but accepting
another life in the material world, although
a failure, is better than oblivion

... of course, even oblivion is an illusion,
because as eternal souls, we even survive the
complete destruction of the material world

... as each Big Bang cycle comes to an end,
the souls of all material creatures are stored
in suspension until the next creation cycle
begins, at which point our souls once again
pick up where they left off on their personal
journey toward liberation

... Krishna leaves no one behind, no matter how
long it takes for them to return to the Godhead

... the problem for modern people is that they
somehow have gotten the idea that our purpose
as humans is to build a technologically more
powerful earth ... even becoming a true a true
space age civilization

... if you believe in that goal, you are almost
assured of another earth incarnation, so you may bear
the karma of it all

... attaining true liberation from earth is not
compatible with a life where you pursue more technology
and power, it is a sad state of affairs, almost
impossible to escape in the modern world

... that is why I dropped out of school, I couldn't
handle the karma of what they wanted me to do,
no matter how financially lucrative that life
would have been

... that is where chanting comes in

... chanting the Maha Mantra is an S.O.S message
sent to the Transcendental world, saying
Save Our Souls

... we are shipwrecked in a world where evil
exists, and the evils of this world have so
demented our minds, that we can only muster
an S.O.S.

... Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

... it is God's emergency broadcast message

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna