pulling my head out of the sand

... I, like most people, like to walk around
with blinders on, ignoring the unpleasant
things, and playing make believe that it is
worthwhile being optimistic about the
future ... intoxication helps

... I guess the ultimate veil pulled over
our psyches, is that we are alone in the

... it's easier to deal with the day-2-day
reality, when you think that the only
thing out there above us, beyond the sky,
is dead space and angels

... but, it appears to be the opposite, as it
is full of aliens, of many different types, from
many different planets

... yet, they too are in the material world,
so spiritually they are in the same boat as us,
on the USS KARMA

... that is why one should not be afraid of
space aliens, although they may look ugly to

... the world no longer seems the same, it
went from being a 2-D reality to 3-D

... just imagine .... we are on an island
floating in space, in one of the most
pristine sections of the galaxy

... everyplace on the surface of the earth
is beachfront property, on the great Ocean
where time's waves begin to form

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna