requiem for a dream

... I grab that name from a favorite movie
I'm watching, but it succinctly describes
my current experience as I watch the slow
destruction of the ecosystem on earth

... it's not about whether mankind is
guilty of climate change, even though
it is a wise time to buy that cheap
Canadian arctic coastal land

... regardless of the deaths that will
be caused by global warming, mankind is
still guilty of destroying the basic
ecosystems which sustain the web of life
on earth

... we've used rivers and the oceans as big
dumping grounds, and the effects are starting
to show

... the fisheries are nearly dead, the Gulf of
Mexico used to be a great resource, but now,
the water from the Mississippi is so polluted
that there is a growing dead zone

... even worse, we use the oceans to do battle

... my dream was a peaceful happy planet, with
the population level under natural control, where
we learn the truth about our existences as we
tend to our gardens and meditate

... that dream has died, replaced by a rat-race
into outer-space ... last one left is a sucker
for the Devil

... the ideal of the Aryan Vedic civilization,
and what gives it true power, is the premise
that a good government gives people what they
need to discover God in their own lives

... getting the citizens to connect with God,
getting them to achieve enlightenment, is the
overriding objective

... people can see their own God, in their own
way, it's right there in the conscious mind

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna