high ground low ground

... I had to laugh when some housing expert
on nPR said that no one wants to build
affordable housing for low income people,
because the landlords couldn't collect
enough rent to make it worth their while

... it shows you how brainwashed the entire
culture is, when it comes to paying rent.
You have to pay us sky high rent, for
aristocratic housing we don't need

... a church in Hawaii is doing the right
thing. For 10,000 dollars, they can get a
prefabricated geodesic dome suitable
to house a family of 4.

... 10,000 is all it costs to put people
into a home ... and it's pretty much a one
time expenditure, as those domes can be
made to last forever, just disinfect
and move the new family in

... with the current population boom,
forcing people to live in low lying
100 year flood plains, the solution
is to put the domes on elevated decks

... the problem with this simple solution,
is that people with currently high-valued
modern homes or land, don't want dome
villages sprouting up nearby, because it
reduces their land value

... homelessness is really about greed

... and the argument that you accumulated
your wealth by being a successful beneficiary
of the military-industrial complex dosn't
hold weight with God

... the poor people who worked the fields
picking vegetables, worked far harder than
most professional people out there

... if your excuse is that you are entitled
because you are smarter, then you should
be smart enough to realize what I just said
is true

... this great land battle is coming, as the
surging world population of impoverished desperate
people, their work displaced by war and automation,
decide to reset the real estate prices

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna