the spark to light the space age

... I was watching a video on how the Cannabis
industry was destroyed, back in the early 1900's,
by a conspiracy of the oil and petrochemical

... the thought occurred to me, that maybe
it was all meant to be, in order to get
the world's militaries geared up, and oiled,
ready for World War 2

... as I've mentioned a few times, I have
always been fascinated by the old Christian
preacher Garner Ted Armstrong, and his
religious visions

... old Armstrong said that the Devil
stimulates humanity into wars, so it
can gain more and more powerful
technologies, which are made possible
only by military research

... the Devil plays one side against
another until conflict breaks out

... then we humans go about inventing
better ways of killing each other, usually
by figuring out ways of releasing more
and more power

... then we blame the enemy for
the bad karma of it all, by saying we
are only doing it to protect ourselves
from them

... but look at us now, the spark has
been lit, and humans are researching and
discovering more ways of killing, without
the impetus of war

... in one of the old ufo documentaries
which I saw, a space alien was asked
if there would be a Third World War, it
responded no.

... it seems a rudimentary world order has been
achieved, now the problem is to suppress
dissent, as automation takes over almost
all jobs

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna