the strange world of Bob Lazar

... as I begin to seriously open my eyes,
and see that the universe is teeming with life,
everything gets put into perspective

... my favorite peeves used to be things
like 9/11, the wars, government intervention
in our lives, etc., etc., etc

... but now that the alien situation has been
made clear to me, all those gripes seem to fade
into insignificance, as the big picture clarifies
it all

... we humans need to realize that as soon as we
started to poke our noses into outer space, the
aliens would appear

... so I see a youtube video on Bob Lazar, the
guy who supposedly spilled the secrets of Area 51,
and lost his job and secret clearance

... 25 years later, and much wiser, Mr. Lazar says
he wished he kept his mouth shut, and he really
would like to have his old government job back,
so he could be in on all the new action

... I don't blame him. Someone had to spill the
beans so the public could understand what is
actually happening, otherwise the public just
plays make believe, playing a mental game
that humans are alone in the universe

... I bet the first time we go try to conquer a
planet, some other space species is going to
kick our ass

... what does that tell you about this situation
on earth?

... I always suspected there are other entities
out there, because I could detect their

... now those conscious sources could be space
aliens or Transcendental entities attempting
communication with us

... most scientists know that the ultimate source
of knowledge about the material world, descends from
Lord Brahma

... in a nutshell, Bob Lazar's message is that
space can be bent, and shortened,
thus negating the need for lightspeed travel

... the alien craft use this feature of Space-Time

... we humans are just learning about it

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna