it seems you are always on someone's list

... I read an article today about the 72
various groups, that might qualify one
as a potential terrorist

... almost everyone in the world is
in one of those catagories, one way
or another

... there is only 1 way to escape catagorization,
and that is to be rich

... but fear not, God is watching what all
souls do, and justice will be served, either
in this life, or the next

... I think most people have a secret desire to
leave earth, to escape to some world where you
can start anew

... but I think people really want to leave,
to leave bad karma behind ... it isn't the
bad weather, or poverty which makes for
mental pain, it's the karma which one has
to deal with

... we want to leave our karmas behind, and
just go back into heaven

... the problem being that everyone wants
to live in heaven, but without God around
telling us what to do

... humans tend to want to kick God out of
world, so we can be our own little private

... thats the problem, God isn't letting us
kick Him out ... because He owns it ALL,
heaven and earth

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna