the space alien immigrant problem

... what do you say to an alien when you
first meet? Namaste, of course, which
I see and respect the soul within you

... if there is one sure thing I learned
from Krishna Consciousness, is that all
creatures in the material world are in the
same boat ... we all were born and we are
all destined to die

... that means all material species, who
are sentient, must see the Supreme Consciousness
just as we do, so we should not fear them

... reliable verifiable information is rather
hard to glean from the scatterings of reports
and sightings of aliens, but I have come away
with 1 general feeling ... I feel sorry for them

... many of them, the Greys in particular, are
genetically engineered to live in space

... they wander between planets, not having
a real mother and father, wondering what is
the purpose of it all? Some, decide they like
earth, and being able to deal with the natives,
decide to stay on earth

... almost all get plastic surgery to make them
look human, and they just live as humans do

... poor alien, no mother, no father, no home
world to call its own

... we should feel compassion for them, just as
we should feel compassion for all the souls stuck
here on earth, waiting to die

... out of all this, the big question arises:
who owns the earth?

... I believe Krishna does, Krishna owns the entire
cosmos, even beyond what we can see.

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna