look! up in the sky, it's a bird, a plane, it's WTF?

... every now and then, I like to search for the
latest UFO related media, and see if anything
is new

... there seldom is, but for some reason I decided
to listen to former Canadian Defence Minister Paul
Hellyer, and his disclosures about UFOs

... and of course, along the way, you come across
the numerous media releases from Bob Lazar, who
convincingly talks about how the UFOs are powered

... according to Lazar, the secret is Element 115,
which dosn't exist naturally on earth, but does way
out there

... according to Hellyer, there were credible sightings
after WW2 over Washington, and the aliens decided to
meet us humans; however, they made the mistake of
meeting the generals and leaders of the
military-industrial complex, instead of the world
political leaders

... we are now seeing the attempted building of a
great empire, with the aliens behind the scenes,
helping the military powers on earth

... he calls the alliance the CABAL, and they are
quickly becoming an overlord group designed to
control the masses of humans now in existence

... in other words, control you and me

... we are in a situation like the South Sea islanders
were in as European man arrived in his great ships

... we are not alone in space, the aliens have
been dropping in for a long time, but now we
are scientifically advanced enough to understand
what is going on

... so, what is going on?

... I have no problem with aliens, and I even
request visits from Shiva, he must have a craft

... so what's going on? It's all in your conciousness,
you figure it out.

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna