the dog days of summer

... it is time to eat watermelons

... it is so humid, muggy, and still

... the mosquitos are out in force

... as a civilized man, I now can appreciate
having an almost bug-proof living

... I say almost, because some bugs always
mange to sneak in, especially the flies

... I should be happy just to sit all
day, out of the reach of the insects

... happy, knowing that the bugs are out
there, and I'm in here

... short, but quite turbulent storms
blow thru at dusk, as the sun's energy
moves over the horizon, allowing the
air to dump its accumulated moisture

... these rains remind me of the sea-squalls
on the open ocean, rain and wind flying
everywhere, with great energies

... then poof, they are gone

... it's almost as if they were alive

... I like the energy of the ocean air,
when it is blowing, and buffetting my skin

... I love being dumped on by warm ocean

... soon the cool days of Winter will be
upon us, and I will look back with longing
for these warm wet days and nights

... but now, I would like to just dry out

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna