la leche de la cucaracha

... from a boy's dream to a man's reality

... now I need to figure out how to get
some high quality protein while doing as little
work as possible

... it's called life efficiency

... I read that scientists have discovered
that cockroach milk, which are little white
crystals, is the super-food, packed with
everything you need to stay alive

... real paleo men eat bugs not meat :-)

... Chinese farmers are already earning
good money by growing vegetable fed
cockroaches ... they are used in cosmetics
and natural medecine

... according to youtube, they are quite
easy to grow, and quite nutritious, as anyone
who spends 40 days in the desert knows

... I think I would want them toasted and
ground into a paste to put on crackers, or
used as a chip dip

... some cockroach milk ice cream might be
tasty and healthy, but I read that they are
quite hard to milk

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
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