a free man on the mountain

... it's every boy's dream, to live alone in a
cave, away from civilization, and survive

... many monks throughout time have done it,
but you usually need some kind of religous
fervor to keep you there

... most people would bail out after a week
of cave dwelling, when they know there are
warm beds and cool refrigerators just a few
hours of walking away

... but, there is a report of a man in Argentina,
who is doing it, and is 79 years old

... the last guy in the US to do it, was the
Mountain Man in Montana, who, back in the 1950's
was an ex-engineer, who dropped out, hand bored
a rifle for himself, and lived off of bear meat
and little purple potatos, which he could grow,
way back in the remote Montana mountains

... it wasn't legal for him, but he was way
back in the middle of no-where, and no one cared

... I always aspired to that sort of freedom.
To thumb my nose totally at society, and live in
a cave, but I learned it's better to live
near grocery and supply stores

... besides, caves stink

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna