forget the racsist take on things

... I was watching an old UFO documentary, and
even back then, the first thoughts experts
expressed is that humanity would unite as
one species to repel the aliens

... rascist, and political boundaries
would fall, as we humans repel a common

... I can gather a few facts from my zen
investigation of UFOs

... first, is that in the past, credible tribal
legends, from around the world, referred to
the aliens as space brothers

... stories abound in many cultures about
the people from the sky, who came to teach us
things, like growing corn, and making
large solid structures

... then, after World War 2, the governments
of the world decided for some reason, to chase
away any alien craft, as a matter of national
security policy

... our governments also fear acknowledging
the existence of the space brothers, because
it would show that our governments are not
the most powerful force around

... if the people could appeal to a higher
authority than their own governments, it
puts the rulers in a bind

... the leadership hates that prospect

... so, we the public, are just beat down
into submission, to act as human slaves,
captive on earth

... they keep us breeding and working

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna