strange cosmic weather

... it seems where I'm at we are getting
some strange weather lately

... especially alot of lightening

... I was speculating that maybe since
the sunspot minimum is here, and our
magnetic solar umbrella is down, the
cosmic rays are affecting the electrostatic
balance between ground and clouds

... especially in dry sandy ground, which
acts as insulation, allowing the charges to
build in the earth

... but who are we to complain about what the
earth does? No matter how delusional we may be
about our beliefs that humans take precedence
over all things, even whole planets

... it's like homo sapiens are a baby killing its
own mother from within the mother's womb

... the modern mindset just wants to devour
the entire planet, WE are the alien species
come to lay waste to earth

... I don't know if that is good or bad?

... the scientists are already talking about
finding new worlds to move to, to devour them
too, only a a few lightyears away

... I did watch some old UFO documentary footage,
and the claim is that earth is a far flung outpost
on this space-trading route run by a group of aliens
known as Zeta-Reticulans, if I remember correctly

... strange, my clock was unexpectedly setback
2 hours the other night, after what appeared to
be an abrupt power shortage, my space rocket
sound generator stopped too, a sure sign of a
power interrupt

... maybe that was when the mothership dropped
me off after my last debriefing and indoctrination? :-)

... I don't know what I would decide, if a
Zeta-Reticulan space ship landed and asked me
if I wanted a ride

... I've been asking for removal from earth for
a long time, but I was hoping for a transcendental
ship from Vishnu

... Vishnu did request one last service from me, in the
material world, before I can go Transcendental,
and that was to be a spaceship captain for one lifetime

... so here I sit, waiting for them to appear

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna