what a decent martial law might look like

... the words martial law has been bantered
around alot lately, considering all of the
violence occuring

... so, what would a good martial law look like?

... the primary goal is to make a world safe
for women to have and raise children, and
safe workplaces for the spouses who work to
support them, and thru taxes, benefit us all

... basically, in martial law, your travel
and movements are restricted. You stay home
unless you have a permit to go to work.
Be expected to be stopped and questioned.

... everyone will get a US military issued
id card, which is to be used when you get
your food allocations

... nowadays, it will all be computerized

... the people who stay home, will be able
to homeschool their own children, in addition
to there being online computer classes for
every grade level

... troublemakers best stay home and play video

... for troublemakers who get caught doing bad
things, there are the big tent camps for the
un-cooperative people ... the new gulags

... all violence will be surpressed

... resistance is futile, they will drug your
beer if they have to, and where would that
leave most of you?

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
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