real leadership

... as I watch the political dog and pony
show pass by, I wonder what kind of society
do Americans want?

... do they want a world where you can do
anything you want in public? Or one which
makes it safe to walk the streets at night.

... I'm for the safe streets.

... put criminals in tents behind barbed
wire if need be, but get the violent and
robbers out of society ... make them
pay a real price

... I remember when I was young, all the
neighborhood kids and people could be outside,
at anytime of the night, or day for that matter,
and be safe from physical attack

... now, if I hear a stranger knocking, I
wonder if it's safe to open the door

... alot has to do with the current mobility
of people, where almost everyone has a car

... cars have f*cked up society beyond belief,
allowing wrong-doers to have mobility

... in all these police killings, and in all
the killings in general, one fact is missing
from all the reports, and that is gang or
secret-society affilliation.

... the gangs and secret societies are out
there, and they are becoming sophisticated

... everyone can see this going on, yet the
press and institutions do nothing to take
them on

... that gets back to good leadership

... how do you create a situation where people
are just happy to stay at home, grow a garden,
bake bread, and live a free life?

... instead they are constantly whipped to work,
to pay rent, to pay child support, to pay for whatever
thrills them

... always under pressure to provide their time,
for someone else's purposes

... I'm glad I'm old, I do not envy the young
who will have to live in the future

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna