and here comes the full moon

... the crazy shootings lately are bad enough,
but here comes the full moon tomorrow, stacked
on top of a midwest heatwave in July

... what has happened to the the mass consciousness
of the American public? It's crazed and full of

... what do people expect from the government? Do
they expect to be given a nice house for free?, and
food for free? Health Care for free? Cars and phones
for free. It's a total welfare deal.

... Then everyone with their welfare and foodstamps
should just sit around, watch TV, and stay peaceful,

... Wrong, it isn't happeneing that way. The people
are so dependent on government and corporate
handouts, that we have become economic slaves to
what the governments and corporations want.

... what are all the people going to do, when automation
does 90% of all the work, and there really are no jobs?

... right now, the best thing everyone can do, is stay
home, grow a garden, watch the boob-tube, and keep the peace. Use intoxication if necessary. :-)

... and literally for heaven's sake, start putting some
decent programming on tv, like flashing Pokemon Go monsters, embedded within commercials. ;-)

... seriously, get college acting departments working if
you have to, but get quality, meaningful, high-minded media
out to the public, half-hour 1 act dramas, telling the true
message. The message of the karmic laws.

... eh, don't mind me, it's just the full moon talking

... if you think about it, a world where you just stay
home all day, almost seems like heaven, at least the
karma is easy to deal with

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna