consciousness revisited

... I was listening to a talk on NPR today,
wherein a respected college professor, tried
to use the scientific method, to prove
what consciousness is

... like a modern Buddha contemplating his navel

... it was interesting to see him try to
prove that all consciousness was due to some
brain neuron functioning, and he could
prove it by destroying certain brain areas,
and observing the consciousness disappear

... I would like to employ the analogy
of a modern radio. If you destroy some
of the circuits, the radio is prevented
from receiving the Consciousness which
permeates this material world. It does
not mean those circuits are the origin
of the thoughts, the consciousness

... to be concise, this is what I observe.

... 1. Consciousness is awareness of the
passage of time

... 2. God is time

... 3. When your time is up, you no longer
see the passage of time

... 4. Science does not understand time,
they only measure it

... The Supreme Consciousness is what most
people refer to as God

... yes professor, there are consciousnesses
which dwarf that which humans possess.

... the basic Buddhist tenet is that Consciousness
is a basic property of creation, just like there
are neutrinos and Higgs Bosons, there is an intrinsic
consciousness underlying all life

... the Krishna Conscious message is that the Supreme
Consciousness, which the Buddhists observe, is Krishna,
God Himself

... but, from a human viewpoint, it's all about time

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna