getting in on Pokemon Go

... it's a genious concept, to get people,
mostly young, to run around town video filming
everything, trying to capture imaginary avatars,
which appear super-imposed on the video

... controlled by a computer program, collecting
and storing image data as the Smartphones send
them in

... I can see this getting BIG, once all
the legal issues are resolved. Pokemon
avatars at birthday parties, store
openings, political events, etc.
You name the event, and Pokemon can be there,
for a small fee. Pokemon Go at the World Series!

... get the people's cameras going, let them
invade their own privacy

... of course, there are drawbacks to this
kind of game, there are reports that someone
has figured out a way to use Pokemon sightings,
to lure people in to rob them

... so, buyer beware in this particular case,
don't go chasing Pokemon avatars off of a cliff

... all the money collected from streaming video
and images over the cell phone system has got to be
making alot of money for someone, and thats where the
real robbery likely is.

... if I was to join the Pokemon Go game, I guess
I would be the hiding sasquatch, seldom
seen, but known to terrorize the south Georgia

... howling at night..... aaaaoooooOOOO00000

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna