death isn't optional, but castration is

... I heard on a radio show, that castration will
prolong the life of elderly males, and prevent
prostate problems, much like ovary removal in
females helps them

... I don't know, I wonder if staying fertile,
just in case I meet Miss Right, is
worth the risk?

... I mean considering my strict standards on a mate,
the odds of me finding her are next to nil anyways,
so why not cut em off and live happier.

... well since I didn't sign up for Medicare Part B,
the point is moot. Paying cash would cost too much,
and it would sort of be a violation of the creed
to go out naturally

... castration isn't exactly a natural procedure,
which is just as well, because I would rather
die with my balls on than without them

... death, death though is another story

... we die when the Will of God decides it so,
almost nobody goes by accident, it's all very

... that's why it pays not to fear death, because
you cannot avoid it, all you can do is ask for
an honorable death

... be it today, be it tommorrow, or whenever

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna