the curse of the ancient indian

... I finally found the source of my ailment

... in my search for the cause of the maladies
which afflict me, I finally found the source

... the curse of the ancient pre-columbian indian,
who walked or ran everywhere, or floated in a
canoe ... when there were no horses

... the real indigenous peoples of the past
walked or ran everywhere

... now, I've discovered that the ancient
indians laid down a great karmic curse on
all of humanity, in that they want us to feel
the real expenditure of energy, the
energy and pain of men,
with their feet on the ground, walking

... just imagine, every car ride, jet ride,
train ride, or whatever for all the rides
you ever took, which was faster than walking

... going faster than walking puts you out
of sync with the natural human flow

... if you go faster than walking you break
a basic human speed law, and you miss
event-sequences along the way

... I notice, when I get modern delivery
service, for days, while it is being delivered,
my aches and pains act up, as if I had to
pay the pain of it the whole way

... all those packages, sucking my energies away from me, as they are processed thru the rat-race system
... I've travelled so many miles without
walking the distance, that the indian curse
of feeling the pain is killing me

... people are designed to walk, walk, walk,
everywhere. We delude ourselves to think

... personally I think bicycling should be
allowed, but no, the ancients say to
walk or run those trails

... man, right now I feel like I just walked
a million miles :-)

... I gotta get this curse off of me, but on the
otherhand, it is the source of my awareness

... catch-22.... screwed if you do,
screwed if don't

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna