if it ain't politics, it's sex

... I've learned, that what I really want
to say about politics, is stuff that just brings
the heat down upon you

... talk about 9/11 or who controls the heroin
trade, and it seems that one becomes unhappy

... I swear, I think someone is running a BF
Skinner type of behavior modification program
on me, to modify my behavior

... so....... if not politics, it's sex

... I never really had a woman in my
life who I really loved and just wanted
to be with, all day, all night

... doing the dishes with them

... I guess I'm hard to please ... seen
too many photos of air-brushed perfect women

... I realized that a woman meant getting
a full-time slave job, probably in a cubicle

... I've seen too many beautiful people who
are carnivores, I don't want to kiss a meat-eater

... beauty goes beyond skin-deep

... I think it would have been nice, to have
had a soulmate, who I could just be together
with, like rabbits being put in cage together
to breed

... eat, play scrabble, f*ck, sleep, work,
repeat until dead

... I'm lucky to be alone, in my final estimation.

... of course, I always hold out hope for that
Thai teen farmgirl who wants to come live with
me, and help me tie my shoelaces. :-)

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna