Scotty, get me those diverter thrusters working

... I've been reading with keen interest,
the cat and mouse battle which goes on between
missle launchers and missle destroyers

... the missle launchers get sneakier with
multiple warheads, evasive re-entry maneuvering,
and hyper-sonic craft, which whiz by so fast,
our technology cannot target them quick enough

... I guess it all comes down to having reliable,
precision side-thruster rockets

... and reliable guidance software, because
fast rockets need precise aiming and control

... if I was a character in Dr. Strangelove,
the movie, I would be Peter Sellers as the
evil Nazi genius in the wheelchair, who
was just mesmerized by the power of technology

... so! mein readers, not to explain what
it all means, but I would put heavy gyros on
interceptor rockets for more precision in the
thrust calculations, and use superfast computers
to do 4rth Order Runge-Kutta analysis of the
onboard tracking data. With a 4rth Order
Runge-Kutta, done correctly, you can predict
with decent accuracy where the target will be,
and then navigate there for destruction

... simplified, the idea is to take the target's
position, it's rate of change of position, it's
velocity, it's acceleration, and it's rate of change
of acceleration, called impulse

... you can go deeper, but 4 levels is enough,
it's alot of math

... it makes me think of the fact that the
first moon scientists only need 4 digits of
accuracy in the pi calculations, 3.1416

... 3.1416 was good enough accuracy to get us
to the moon and back

... one of the interesting things which draw me to
Krishna Conciousness, is the fact that the value
of pi was handed down in the ancient Vedic literature
to an accuracy of 32 decimal points

... it is claimed that they had flying machines
way back then, and travelled the globe

... it just seems like an ancient dream to me now

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna