what about the constitution?

... on this 4rth of July, as I sit here as a wiser
old man, I wonder what has happened to this country,
with respect to the US constitution, and how we
have formed a society around it

... is the US constitution outdated, and in need
of a re-write?

... I mean times have changed since the kings ruled
us as their subjects. Now, corporations seem to be
running everything, and oppressing us.

... we need a constitutional rewrite now, to address
the relationship between the 1%'ers and the rest of us

... I had a really good history teacher in high-school
and he said that the real reason everyone is afraid
of a constitutional re-write, is because the people
doing the writing of the new document, may be able
to legislate themselves into power ... with something
like a surveillance-military-state

... maybe something like the Patriot Act :-(

... indeed, a surveillance-military state is what we have
now, in effect, thanks to current leadership, but,
what else can they do? The jets and high-speed motion
of people around the globe, has neccesitated there
be someone watching it all

... I often wonder if I would have been better off
living in the old Indian tribal nations, freedom
wise ... dancing with wolves

... but I really wouldn't want to go back to the old days
of people cooking their food over open wood fires
in the backyard, and drinking stream water

... modern civilization is a wonderful tool to have
at one's disposal, I like my hotplate, I like my
refridgerator, I like my AC in the summertime, I
really like water pumped from a well with no
effort from my muscles

... I like my computer

... so nobody is going to throw modern civilization
away, once you have tasted it, so we need rules to
govern the uses of it's fruit ... its technology

... we need a new constitution, if we could ever
figure out how to do the transition safely. Maybe
a public nationwide vote on it?

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
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