the big fireworks in the sky

... I recently came across a very eye-opening
youtube video wherein a respected university
climate professor shows that the northern
and southern jet streams have quit their
stable circular orbits, and have crossed paths

... causing the mixing of equatorial and polar

... setting all the science aside, he said
the result of this will mean the
end of winter as we now know it

... he went so far as to request that a
climate emergency should be declared

... if that don't get me, my other big worry
in life is polonium contamination in fertilizers
which grow the crops, that I, and milk-producing cows

... I guess the lesson is, we are all dead sooner
or later, even if you are killed by the invisible isotope
contamination of your food supply

... how can you defend against that? You need to
eat, unless you want to go 40 days in the desert
like a great hero from the past

... it is a most seductive illusion to engage in,
believing that we have a right to live forever
as humans

... but when the Supreme Conciousness decides your
time is up, you go

... here is the Sunday thought, which actually
qualifies this as a sermon:

... a great king from the past was offered any
benediction he wanted, a gift from the gods.

... he did not ask for any material gain or pleasure,
nor did he ask for the immediate liberation from
earth and acceptance into Heaven; instead, he asked
that no matter where he was, that thoughts of the
Supreme Conciousness would always be with him

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna