going solar

... I have decided that the best survival tool
to have is a solar oven

... pasteurize water, cook food, make crackers
and cookies, etc. etc. Even possibly sterilize

... Krishna Conciousness teaches that there
actually are living entities in the sun, and
they are very energetic creatures ... they are
demi-gods compared to us, mere humans

... but the technology is there, to capture
the power from the sun, on clear sunny days

... since the biggest drain on the world's
electric grid is air conditioning, why not use
solar ovens to be the heat source for an ammonia
based air conditioning system

... the hotter and sunnier it would get, the more
cooling power could be generated by the ammonia cycle

... what a boon to mankind that would be, free AC
from a solar-oven powered ammonia cycle refrigeration

... the key would then to figure out how to store
excess coolness generated during the day, maybe
in a big super-insulated tank of ice water buried
under ground

... anyways, as I make crackers in my solar oven,
I will think of the sun's energies

... we are entering a sun-spot minimum at this
point, and it will last about 20 years or so

... the interesting thing is that as the sun's
energies diminish, as it sleeps awhile, it no
longer protects us from the cosmic rays from
beyond our solar system

... I hope to catch some of those cosmic energies
in my solar cookies as well

... haribol! :-)

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna