the glistening power line

... the strangest thing happened in my
observations of reality, yesterday

... I was sitting in a dollar store's
parking lot, first trip to town in
a few months, there to get some
fresh local produce

... as I sat in the parking lot, I
noticed one of the power lines overhead,
was hissing, and twisting in a rythmic
pattern, the entire 100 foot length
between 2 poles was emitting a hissing
sound and was in some higher-harmonic
mode which produced the visual effect
of a large hissing living entity

... I was mezmerized by it happening,
and thought I should get a video of
it, but had no camera

... from my studies into Electromagnetic
Phenomena, I found it odd

... what was even stranger, was that after
about 5 minutes, it just suddenly stopped

... everything normal

... my best science guess is that because
of the high heat and humidity currently
down here, the power lines are getting
moist air hissing around an overloaded
power wire, the overloading may have
been caused by excessive draw from
a big refrigeration unit or something
with a big current draw

... the excess current caused stronger
than normal magnetic fields, and its
interaction with the ionized air around
it, caused the wire to twist in perfect
harmonic frequency with its weight and
length considered in as factors

... or, it could have been the Death
Energy of Lord Shiva, coming to check
on my soul, seeing if I was ready to

... maybe it was Vishnu's Energy, coming
to say high to me, or better yet, take
me back to Godhead

,,, I don't know how or why it happened,
so I log it in

... I hope it dosn't portend some sort
of failure of the power grid, maybe related
to the current sunspot low point

... intense cosmic rays are coming in
from outside our solar system because the
sun's protective magnetosphere is at
its low point

... there may be electromagnetic storms
brewing in the upper atmosphere

... ok, this entry is done since I did
my scientific duty to report what I saw

... it still spooks me out to think of
it, that long power wire, just hissing
and glistening its entire length, like
a real live wire, full of harmonic motions

... any one part of the wire never moved more
than a quarter inch or so, but in the strong
sunlight and reflective conditions, it appeared
as a long shimmering linear mirror reflecting
sunlight my way
... or maybe it was just the Mothership
hovering overhead, hiding in the storm
clouds, after they dropped me off :-)

... over and out

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna