going DNR

... Do Not Resusitate, DNR

... most doctors realize the
futility of being saved from
death, so they go DNR

... so, why did I not sign-up for
Medicare Part B? Or sign-up for
county funded medicaid?

... Did you ever hear the
saying, Physician, heal thyself ?

... meaning, that they know that
health is brought about by being

... and the opposite is true, too

... lies cause whole potential worlds
to be destroyed, in the quantuum foam

... as an intelligent man, I can see
that the world of free medical care,
or even expensive medical care,
is like putting a potential hit
on oneself. Allowing the state
to harm or incarcerate someone
thru sickness, or induced disease
is quite a REAL threat to me

... after all, they might think that
since your healthcare is provided,
at low or no cost to you, they might
find themselves less guilty, as
they fu*k you over

... ... ... However, I do appreciate the
fact that County Medicaid was freely offered

... I want my battlefield, to be a real
karmic one, where one's lies only kills

... genetic self-destruction for telling lies

... defects in the psycho-somatic links occur

... if you lie, you die

... I demand to experience a natural
death, but when I drop, I drop, DNR

... I want the Absolute Truth shown,
so that I may fully understand
what has happened to me

... so I'm scared of entities who might
enslave a group of peoples by giving them
some malady, then making you pay to
be cured of it

... feed them crappy food, pollute their
air, water, and electromagnetic space,
then it's the
Survival of the most pain tolerant

... so I want to bop till I drop, and
rock in my rockin chair, hour after hour,
after working in my garden using a walker

... it feels so good to sit, after all the pain

... working in a walker makes it Triple-Hard
to do your work. First the pain, then it's
the awkwardness of the situation, maneuvering
around, mostly by your arm strength
carrying your weight

... so Triple-Hard, I get assigned TripleTime
in Cosmic Karma Kash :-)

... no pain, no gain
... pain reminds you that you are
still alive

... what ever Death is coming my way,
I don't want the experience clouded
by a slew of pharmaceutical company's

... no to expensive chemicals slanting my
perceptions of the world and the death process

... if it's really a boon to mankind,
it should be cheap

... thus the declining Medicare Part B

... when Shiva comes for you, nothing
you can do to stop it, except to
pray to Vishnu, and hope it comes
quick and painless. :-)

... it seems that the name of the game
is how much pain you can tolerate

... I want the experience to be Transcendental

... and that gets me back to declining government
free health care, I want a cash system,
with posted procedures and prices on the wall,
and I will pay cash

... I worry that organizations may
scam the system, actually encouaging people
to be sick, thru bad diet and lifestyle

... or something even more sinister

... then, reap the rewards when everyone
gets sick

... the statistics are horrifying

,,, in the modern world, 2 out of 3
women will get cancer, and one out of three

... we are worse than the Romans
with their lead in the water pipes

... all this pollution in the foods, air
and water, is definitely hampering our
healthy genetic regeneration

... regeneration is the key to everything

... how you regenerate is controlled
by the psycho-somatic link

... that is why it is IMPORTANT not
to tell lies, because it incorporates
defects in the psycho-somatic link

.... I'm like a fish out of water, I came
to this world for some reason, and for
now I am content and taking care of my

... if I'm laying dying, let me die

... don't interfere with modern technologies

... feed me to the birds if that is legal :-)

... I don't want another person telling
me what pills I need, or expensive
operation that I might need

... I want the Truth, as God is showing it
to me, thru my event sequences, to be manifested

... may the Will of Krishna be done, all
you can do is struggle until you realize
that you must surrender to the
Great Transcendental One

... at that point you may find the
Gates to Heaven

... I will live until I just can't stand
the pain no more, then my heart will stop

... so for me, DNR!

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna