the basics of karma

... occaisionally, as I read the Srimad Bhagavatam,
the Truth of our human existence is succinctly

... the following statements are taken directly
from where I am at in my reading

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, in
His feature of eternal time, is present
in the material world and is neutral
towards everyone. No one is His ally,
and no one is His enemy. Within the
jurisdiction of the time element,
everyone enjoys or suffers the result
of his own karma, or fruitive
activities. As, when the wind blows,
small particles of dust fly in the air,
so, according to one's particular
karma, one suffers or enjoys material

Although the Supreme Personality of
Godhead is the original cause of all
causes, He is not responsible for
anyone's material sufferings or enjoyment.
There is no such partiality on
the part of the Supreme Lord.

The less intelligent accuse the Supreme Lord
of being partial and claim that this is
why one enjoys in this material world
and another suffers. But this verse
specifically says that there is no such
partiality on the part of the Supreme

Living entities, however, are never
independent. As soon as they declare
their independence of the supreme
controller, they are im mediately put
into this material world to try their
luck freely, as far as possible.

When the material world is created for such
misguided living entities, they create
their own karma, fruitive activities,
and take advantage of the time
elements, and thereby they create their
own fortune or misfortune. Everyone is
created, everyone is maintained, and
everyone is ultimately killed. As far
as these three things are concerned,
the Lord is equal to everyone, it is
according to his karma that a person
suffers and enjoys. The living entity's
higher or lower position, his suffering
and enjoying, are due to his own karma.
The exact word used in this connection
is anisah, which means "dependent on
their own karma."

Those who are inclined to material
activities remain in the material
sphere. But persons who engage in
devotional service reach the abode of
the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
where there is neither birth nor death
nor different varieties of life under
the influence of the law of karma. The
best interest of the living entity is
to engage himself in devotional service
and go back home, back to Godhead.

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura advised: "My
friend, you are being washed away in
material nature's waves of time. Please
try to understand that you are the
eternal servant of the Lord. Then
everything will stop, and you will be
eternally happy."

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