channeling the Divine Wind

... I sit here day after day, waiting to see
Krishna, long hours, sometimes sleepless

... I wake up at 3AM, full of energies

... it used to drive me mad, all alone in
the dark, but then I discovered chanting

... learning about chanting is the deepest
stuff I have ever encountered in my life

... I have made the decision, regardless
of how well I have been treated here on earth,
I want out of the material world, and
desire to become a spirit in Krishna's Heavens

... I'm tired of the birth-death cycle, whatever
it takes, make me suitable for eternal life

... and with that seemingly correct descision
to gain entrance to the Realms of Perfection,
Krishna's Transcendental World, I have also
brought upon myself a curse ... the curse
of Purification, which comes with a capital P

... where all sentient beings, all demigods,
demons and men act to set you straight onto
the path to spiritual perfection, so that one
may be allowed to stay in the Heavens when
we die and hopefully transcend

... it seems like demons attacking you, but
actually they are forcing you back onto the

... the Path where even demons are afraid
to roam, the Path where more pure goodness

... even demons are commanded to obey the
the Will of God when it comes to keeping
a soul on the Path to Perfection

... the Path where things sparkle and shine
with Krishna's Energies

... how ever high I make it, I now know
it is the will of Krishna

... the Japanese movie intro I'm listening to,
has the music of the Divine Wind, and I think
of the kamikaze's of WW2 Japan

... where were their heads at to go out in
a suicidal-homicidal killing raid for the emperor?

... I would only do something like that if
Krisna needed it, and He was here incarnated
as a man, in all his True magnificent
transcendental splendor

... the Divine Wind means something different
to me now, ... now, it is the spiritual air that
I trying to learn to breathe

... coming back with Lord Kalka, Vishnu's last
incarnation, may be a tempting offer, but that
just shows I still contemplate material things,
and demonstrate a flaw

... I mean, I should be living in a cave somewhere,
on the edge of the Transcendental Sea, watching
the waves of Nirvana pass me by

... I mean, isn't that a more worthwhile goal
in life than being a javascript code-monkey?

... I have to thank Tom Allen of CBC radio for
getting my writing style to evolve. Once on
the CBC-Radio2, in Toronto, he said
just write down your thoughts as they are
truly going thru your head

... thanks Tom, you saved me from many a boring
hours when I was trapped in Detroit, and as I
wait here now for Krishna.

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna