what I learned so far

... Don't give up the ship! :-)

... believe in a Supreme Conciousness

... chant alot, chant the maha mantra as often
as you can, call the gods down to judge the
evil intentions which surrounds you

... realize that preaching about Krishna
draws heat from the Evil in this world,

... heat from those who do not fear
condemnation by their own Creator

... say meat eating is a violation the
5th commandment
, and see what happens to you

... preaching to someone who does not wan't
to hear about Transcendental Judgement is
like igniting a fire, as you see the soul's
panicked eyes, as the realization sets in
that they are truly doomed to a lower
existence level, for all the wickedness,
which they have done, The lies, the deceipt.

... anyways, if you want to avoid trouble,
chant alot, and ask for God's true judgement

... the other big thing I learned is from
the story of Dhruva Maharaja, and how he
took revenge out on the Yaksas for killing
his brother

... BIG LESSON: no mater how righteously
vengefull one may be, do not take revenge
on innocent people. Do not mass slaughter
a group of people just to condemn a handfull
of offenders hiding amoung them

... do not kill the innocent Yaksas, only
kill those who engage you in battle of good
and evil

... Surgically kill your enemy, but do
not resort to mass slaughter of innocence,
just to prove a point

... alot less bad karma, for alot less killing

... the gods are actually trying to help us
vindicate our souls, to purify us, so we can
go back to the true Heaven

... my guess is not that they worry less about
the destruction and contamination a few
bombs might cause, but the inevitable police
state which will ensue

... people would be freaking out

... it would be Martial Law

... so that has been whats been on my mind

... other than that, I wonder what my
Transcendental being will look like?

... right now, they are instructing me that
I should learn to breathe the ethereal air,
let your transcendental lungs learn to live
solely on hearing the eternal Om.

... now, is that the Brahman Effulgence? Or
is it the pure spiritual realms of Krishna?

... I still have many things to learn

... hey Hanuman!!

... Hare Krishna!

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna