the peace pipe

... on Memorial Day I think about war
and the nature of aggression, like why do
people die in wars, or why do people want
to kill others?

... even me, the great guru of a peaceful
life, was so angry lately that I wanted
to destroy someone, but today I smoke
the peace-pipe with the same person

... unbelievable the rage within, and what
a truly raging minds thinks about

... being angry is counter-productive

... I live in an area that was probably
once prime Cherokee hunting and fishing
grounds, and on Memorial Day, I think
about what they must have felt, being pushed
off their ancestral lands

... but the indigenous indians probably have
it better than me now, except for the poor

... there are always poor squaws, I feel sorry
for them too, in honor of Memorial Day

... we are really lucky to be living in peaceful times, at least where I'm at anyways

... I wonder sometimes if the people who
innocently died in previous wars, get
reincarnated again as humans in this
modern post-war world

... given a second chance, so to speak,
it sounds fair to me

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna