Krishna is your only hope

... as I listen to the warnings from the various
sirens who preach about the coming of the New
World Order, I realize that we, and especially
I, cannot resist their technology and power

... resistance is futile, Maya has us fully
in her grasp

... Prabhupada succinctly defined Maya, as
the illusion which takes over our minds,
when we lose our God (Krishna) Consciousness

... you either serve Krishna( God ), or
you are forced to serve Maya

... if you forget God, the illusion of Maya
takes control, the world is designed that way

... it keeps the fools here on earth, and out of
Krishna's hair on the transcendental planes

... so, your best defense against the coming
of the New World Order is to maintain your
connection with God, and stay under His
protective influences

... if the New World Order puts a gun to your
head, and says be assimilated or else, have faith
in God, and choose the else

... to die for your belief in God, carries far
more honor, than one gets from surrendering to
Maya for a few measly years of earthly life,
and the lousy pleasures which it affords

... we may be the last generation who can easily
understand the meaning of God, before Homo Sapiens 2.0
becomes prevalent

... the future humans will have a harder time
contemplating the transcendental, because they
will be only partly human, the rest being
man-made genetics, nanobots, and cyborg

... Homo Sapien 2.0 will probably go to
doctors asking for relief when they start
having dreams of the transcendental reality,
the Truth will scare them

... the doctors will probably give them soma,
just like Brave New World predicted

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna