chanting is the last sacrifice

... religions are full of sacrifices, and prophets who
come to try and stop the animal sacrifices

... Buddha came to stop the ancient Vedic people
from killing animals

... Christianity has the 5th Commandment:
thou shalt not kill

... almost all of the great prophets preached against
killing animals as offerings to God

... God takes no pleasure from seeing humans eat animals.
There are no Bar-B-Ques in heaven, as a matter of fact
the eating of animals by humans was likely the Original Sin

... finally, Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came to reveal
the final sacrifice, using our time to chant the holy
names of God. A simple sacrifice of our time.

... as we cross the ocean of neiscience, the ocean
of material darkness, we need to send out SOS signals
to God, to help rescue and guide us to safety.
This is what chanting does, it brings Krishna and
His energies into your life's event sequences

... Krishna is always there, just behind the veil,
but when you chant His holy names, He becomes
interested in you, and guides you to the transcendental

... I wish I had learned the value of the Maha Mantra
earlier in my life, but later is better than never

... some think that chanting Hare Krishna is childlike
behavior, but even Jesus taught to stay as little children.
The so-called process of "growing up" is just the
acceptance of the evils of the illusion of Maya

... it is better to wise up than to grow up, and when
you wise up, you start to call out into the darkness
for rescue by chanting the holy names of God, no matter
how childish it may seem to those in the state of ignorance

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna