the problem with intoxication

... I used to think that intoxication, you know, drinking
and getting high with friends, was just normal social
behavior, and I guess it is in modern society, where
people find no happiness in the rat-race

... but after being able to experiment, I can see
the difference in event sequences between times
when you get high, and when you don't

... and I do mean experiment. I doubted the authority's
assertions that intoxication is bad, so I arranged
for myself to be intoxicated for awhile, and then
compared my event sequences with those gained from
the times I was not using any intoxicants. This
includes alcohol, grass, tobacco, coffee, tea, and
whatever else they make available now-a-days.

... I ran the experiment a few times, just to make
sure of the results.

... I've found the following to be true

... intoxication is the illusion of Maya, letting you
make believe for a short time, that the world is
a good place, and that you are on top of the world

... but the world is not a good place, it is full of
danger and pitfalls, and when you are intoxicated,
you more easily fall victim to the demons who are
made happy when you suffer, and fall into a pitfall

... to put it succinctly, intoxication causes you
to lose control over your event sequences. Things
start to go bad, things break, unwanted events
happen, etc.

... from a spirit-science viewpoint, I see that
any intoxication causes you to become lazy in
projecting your future, and when you lose
full control over projecting your future, the
demons sneak in and try to grab control

... and having demons controlling your future is
not a pleasant thing

... finally, I have come to the observation that chanting
for a few hours per day, gives me a better sense
of well-being than the intoxication did. Plus
there are no hangovers from chanting. :-)

... when you are young, it is almost impossible
to resist the urge to party, but every party knocks
you down one notch, and you must then work harder
to climb back out of the haze

... so, the sooner you can give up intoxication,
the better off you are

... of course, you can choose to lead a life of
intoxication, and fall down to skid row, but
that isn't happiness, is it

... of course, what I just said about intoxication is
also true for any of the 4 great pillars of sin in the
modern day, which are meat eating, intoxication, illicit sex,
and gambling

... demons who want to control your future, lurk beneath
the surface of any of those activities

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
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