behind the veil

... Prahupada says that we should try to
explain Krishna to others in terms of what we know.
If we only know goat-herding, then we should explain
Krishna in terms those people can relate to.

... I would probably be included with
devotees who are known as jnana-misra-bhaktas,
or devotees whose devotional service is mixed with
empiric knowledge.

... I was fortunate enough to get enough scientific education
to interpret Krishna through more critical eyes, the eyes of
a mathematician and space scientist.

... so, what do I see? I see another set of dimensions which
exist right alongside our 4 dimensional space-time. These
dimensions are invisible to our senses, so some say
they are behind the veil.

... Krishna is there, behind the veil, burning with a
bright spiritual energy. Krishna pokes a hole through
the veil for each material living entity, and puts
a piece of Himself into our hearts, it is called the
Paramatma, or Guardian Angel, in Christian terms.

... so we each have a spark of spiritual energy in
our hearts, and that is what keeps us alive in material
form. When the spark leaves, the body dies, and our
eternal soul is forced into another incarnation.

... so God is alive and well, just behind the veil

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna