my first taste of Krishna

... it was in a sip of cool clean water, that
my first taste of Krishna occurred

... I felt like a shipwrecked dehydrated sailor,
who finally got some fresh water

... but that is the way we are in the material world,
like shipwrecked souls, stuck in the dark, cold,
material universe

... thankfully Krishna created the sun and planets,
and filled ours with water, cool fresh water

... after I heard the explanation from Prabhupada,
it seems totally clear, yet I never thought of it
myself in my years of meditation

... we are sort of like drones, created by Krishna
to operate in the material world, and He gives us
sensors to experience it all

... the data collected by the sensors, is to be
sent to Krishna, for Him to enjoy

... what we have done as fallen humans, is try
to take all the sense gratification for our own
pleasure, essentially telling Krishna to go away

... we want the Kingdom of God, but without God around

... imagine if the robots and drones we currently build,
somehow decided that the information their sensors collect
was theirs, and they wouldn't be sharing it with Central
Command ... that is what humans are doing with God

... we think all the pleasures are for us to enjoy,
and that we own our bodies, but the truth is God
owns us, and when he pulls the plug on your body's
soul, you are dead, and can do nothing about it

... Krishna owns everything in the universe, and we
are just humble servants

... Krishna is Time, and as long as He gives you Time,
you are alive

... remember that while sipping your next cup of water

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna