seeking God in the Age of Kali-Yuga

... I heard this quote recently,
Mankind is the only species on earth
which professes a belief in God, yet
goes on living like there isn't one

... we are roughly 5000 years into the
final age of man on earth, the Age of
Kali-Yuga, which started after the last great
Vedic emperor died

... it is an age of quarrelling, and
needless fighting. The governments and
leaders of the world are interested only
in one thing: to plunder the resources
of the earth for monetary gain

... as this age progresses for another
400,000 years, the spiritual conciousness
of humans will be continuously degraded
by the illusion of materialism

... it behooves anyone with intelligence
to make this their last life on earth,
and break out of the cycle of birth and death

... a less intelligent person might think,
oh, 400,000 years is such a long time,
and I enjoy the materialism so much, I'll
risk another reincarnation, and attempt
transcendence in a future lifetime

... just be warned, that 400,000 years
is only about 4000 generations, and for
most the next life will be as an animal,
not a human

... and only a human gets the chance at

... Prabhupada says that a human lifetime
is meant for re-establishing your connection
with the Supreme Conciousness, and not
to be wasted with intoxication, gambling,
meat eating and illicit sex; which are
the sins which most attract people into
the trap set by the illusion of Maya

... every soul has a free will, use
yours wisely

... don't come back as hogs and dogs

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last words I utter, let it be Hare Krishna