frustrating the demons

... you can see it in their eyes, the demons are
frustrated. Instead of them getting enjoyment out
of tormenting you, they themselves are aggravated

... if a soul in the mode of goodness, is put into
hellish conditions, the devil himself will eject
you from his abode

... the way Prabhupada explains it in the
Srimad Bhagavatam:
activities for sense enjoyment. We should mark the
difference between maya and sva-dhama, for devotees
the sva-dhama acts, whereas in the case
of nondevotees the maya energy acts.

... in order to get any chance at liberation from
material existence, one must get situated in the mode
of goodness, and not be susceptible to the modes
of passion and ignorance

... but as Prabupada says, being in the mode of goodness
is not enough, it is a pre-requisite, but not enough
to gain full liberation from material existence

... Prabhupada reveals that there is very little
difference, from Krishna's perspective, between
a good man and a bad man. Both are here in the material
world, and that means their souls are diseased,
contaminated by the material world

... so trying to accumulate brownie points in the
material world, by doing numerous good deeds, is
essentially useless, unless you plan to reincarnate
in the material world ... you can't carry your
good deed brownie points into heaven

... it is best to have no karma when trying to
become liberated, not bad karma, not good karma,
just no karma

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