I'm sorry for America

... I'm sorry for Amrica

... as I proceeded toward enlightenment, and
an understanding of the truth, I thought that
with my new found awareness of the world, I
would try to help by increasing my education
of the material world, and spread the truth

... I am sorry to say, that I give that up,
as I too, now find, that even as one of
the poorest men in America, I cannot speak
and write freely

... I too, am coming under attempted manipulation
by the powers that be, to keep my mouth shut,
about who and how this country is governed

... the pressure and punishment is subtle, yet effective

... I am fearless, and I am not a paranoid,
but I know what evil is out there, running this

... in his book 1984, Orwell defined Totalitarianism
as follows:
"Totalitarianism: A society living by and for
continuous warfare in which the ruling caste have
ceased to have any real function but succeed in
clinging to power through force and fraud."

... that pretty much describes what is happening
in America

... so, I'm sorry for all citizens, who are being
enslaved, slowly but surely, to the totalitarian state

... apparently, many of you desire your enslavement

... the Ministry of Truth and the double speak is
upon us

... I'm sorry for America and what it has become

... my book is closed, Vishnu

no copyright, 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu