some last words

... somethings just never change

... yesterday I hear a radio story where
the Chinese government was being critisized
for forcing it's party members to stick
to the party line, even though it is an
obvious lie

... and not just party members, everyone
in the country

... but then I think, what is the kettle
doing to call the frying pan black?

... in the US, the same thing is being done
with the truth of the 9/11 attacks

... the truth is being surpressed, of nano-thermite
charges, and an obvious coverup

... Jeb Bush, and the Bush family's political future
has been tainted forever

... too many people know the truth about 9/11,
yet if a college professor, or media commentator
brings up the subject of a false flag attack,
they are called into the higher-up's offices
and made to stop, either thru dismissal, dropping
of funding, early retirement, or whatever

... the fascist boot stomp is certainly being felt

... it's the one reason I like Trump, because
he is the only one out there really bringing
up the topic of what happened

... if this lie continues, it will build a
spiritual imperfection in America so critical, that
it will someday cause its demise

... the truth must become public knowledge,
or is this like China? ... where the political
bosses tell us what the truth is?

... the truth must come out, the Saudi's are
willing to see the US destroyed to maintain and
expand their empire, the truth about them
should be exposed

... and politics makes strange bedfellows,
Israel is not innocent either

... to not tell the plain truth, is just
becoming the double speak of an
old apocalyptic novel, where yes means no,
and no means yes

... how can you have faith in a government
like that?

... and how can a government survive without
the having the faith of it's people?

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu