Valley of the Kings

... in my search for a Garden of Eden on earth,
I stumbled upon a valley

... there is a beautiful deep valley, on the
northeast shore of the Big Island of Hawaii,
called the Waipio Valley, I got to live
in a treehouse there

... this place is so beautiful and bountiful
that when the first Polynesian immigrants
arrived in their canoes, it was one of the first
places to be settled

... it had a raging fresh water river running
down it's middle, starting up the side of
a huge inactive volcano, flowing right to the
ocean, where a soft black sand beach lay

... a perfect place for beaching fishing and war canoes

... up into the deep lush ravine was volcanic
soil, where you could grow taro, papayas, mangos, and
any other tropical plants

... for a polynesian, life was good there.
You had fresh clean water, the ocean right
at your doorstep, great farming, and steep
ravine walls to protect your flanks from

... so, if it was such a great place, why havn't
the rich and famous all flocked there, to
buy property?

... first, if there is any kind of tsunami,
from the numerous earthquakes out in the
Pacific Ocean, the low elevations combined
with the funneling effects of the ravine
sides, wipe everything out, every now and then

... the same is true for the wonderful freshwater
river racing thru it. When tropical depressions hit,
it can flood everything out to sea

... that's why I lived in a treehouse

... second, the well paved road into the
valley, is truly a 45 degree angle for
1/2 mile, which makes it so you risk your
life when entering or exiting by vehicle

... and it's a tough walk otherwise

... third, the valley is now quarantined
due to widespread Denque Fever

... my point to all this, is that what seems
beautiful on the surface, may contain so
many sub-surface problems, that as good as
it looks, you would want to live somewhere else

... even though Waipio was excellent,
the King lived on the other side of the Island,
in Kona

... be happy where you are at

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu