energy, time, and power

... everything is energy, power is the
energy used over time

... it's simple actually, if you poetically
disregard which unit system you are using

... that is the basis of our understanding
of the world, as seen thru the
filters of thermodynamics and classical

... most classical problems of physics,
are usually solved by brute equations
tracking all accelerations and differentials
of any object in cartesian quadrants

... but there is a more elegant way than
brute equations to track objects. You instead could
calculate their total energy, which are the
potential, the kinetic, and the transcendental energies

... yes, transcendental energies

... there are mysteries beyond what most human
minds can grasp

... the Buddhists and ancient Vedic schools
teach that if a conciousness can attain the
speed of light, it can essentially be in more
than one place at the same time, because
of the strange laws of Relativity

... being at multiple places at the same time,
is very quantuum mechanical

... the doubters will counter that it requires
infinite energy to get any matter to the speed
of light, so it technically is impossible for
this to occur

... however, the teachings, and your own common
sense tells you that your conciousness, your soul,
is not of the material world

... conciousness can attain light speed,
and if you don't believe me, prove it. :-)

... the material world dosn't make sense to
our souls ... it's too hot, too cold, or we are
too hungry or in some other misery, like having
to work everyday

... we seek escape into that other world
which most of us sense exist

... the Vedic teachings claim there is such
a being in existence ... the great soul
Narada Muni

... now Narada demonstrated such a high
conciousness, that Vishnu allowed his
soul light speed, and he can be anywhere
in the 3 worlds just by thinking

... for Narada, thinking is the best way
to travel

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu