out of the ashes

... there is that old saying which conveys
the ultimate hope:
the phoenix arises out of the ashes of destruction

... the problem most of us have is that we
want to be part of the phoenix, not part of
the ashes

... we want to be winners, we want to survive

... it seems from all indicators in the news,
we are on a dangerous precipce, where World
War 3 could happen

... who will arise as the phoenix in a post
World-War-3 world?

... we all want to be winners, but these winners
need losers, lots of losers

... and a war isn't really a war, unless there
is some doubt as to who the winner will be,
otherwise it's just a slaughter

... an unsure outcome means that anyone could suddenly
become a loser, meaning we, the most powerful empires
ever seen on earth, could become losers

... the world of the new phoenix would probably
seem strange to us

... a de-populated, post-apocalyptic world, with
technological advances which we only dream
of now

... I choose to die in the main apocalypse, hopefully
shortly there after it occurs

... I just want to live long enough to gloat
over our own self-destruction

... ultimately freeing our souls from the karma
of the industrial age, instant karma coming
from the brilliant flashes of a 3 hour war

... we all knew it was coming, for a long time
we knew

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu